Word to the Wise: Week of March 20, 2014

Each week Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs.  The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts.  Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


You might feel torn this week between your desire for another and your desire for independence.  But never fear, Aries!  These conflicts are never so cut and dry.  Consider for a moment that the pulsions that push you away from someone might in fact be a reaction to previous circumstances.  Consider for a moment that your drive towards eccentric and potentially anarchic self-dominion is, in fact, a fear of union and consequent self loss.  But if you unite with another, who knows what future self might be its fruit?  Dare to love.  Dare to unite.  Dare to grow.


Oh, Taurus!  My Fixed Earth buddy!  You’ve reached a new plateau of comfort and stability from which you can turn old dreams into new realities.  But like I said — It’s mighty comfy.  So what are you going to do, Ferdinand?  Rest on your laurels and chew your cud safe in the knowledge of your own proven mastery?   Or use this new structure as your launching pad into the great, wide beyond?  This week opt for adventure.  Identify your greatest hope and pursue it with everything you’ve got.  You’ve come this far; keep going!


This will be a high energy week, Gemini.  Maybe even a bit combustible.  So where’s the friction?  A new road seems to be opening up for you, the consequence of  years of hard work, diligence, and consistent effort.   However, it may look ‘fated’ to others.  It’s not!  You earned this!  So what are you going to do with it?  Use it to quit all the doubting Thomases and naysayers?  Or establish your dominion over all and sundry?  I suggest the latter.  Don’t hold grudges against those who doubted you.  Work with them, if only to secure the authority and power that is 100% yours.


Your reading looks a bit fearsome this week, Cancer.  It makes me think of the saying: ‘No good deed goes unpunished.’  So let’s start there.  Any disempowerment that you feel in the coming days, any restriction or hang up, is a consequence of your tremendous strength.  And it is temporary.  You are a master in one very specific area of your life but you may find that this mastery creates an almost top heavy feeling.  How to survive?  Dive deep into your unconscious, self love, practice patience, and drink lots of coffee.


Let the past go the way that it will.  For what’s done and dead really doesn’t concern you, Leo.  Fresh insight and inspiration is the order of the week, but it may leap up and out from the ashes of the past.  Don’t focus on your compost.  Believe me, you’ve got that covered and the pH is perfect.  Instead, focus on the new alien species that seems to be burgeoning and blossoming from yesteryear’s digested remains and waste.  You are its creator.  Trust it, trust yourself, and tend to it as both your legacy and becoming.  You know more than you know.


You have the potential to be an astringent, Virgo.  It’s a role that I think you’ll enjoy immensely… errr, as long as you don’t bungle it up.  The thing is — You’re angry!  You’ve been clear for eons.  It’s those other dummies that keep polluting their own food sources with an almost frenetic blindness and/or willed stupidity.  You know.  You’ve known!  But when the sword of justice is passed to you this week, don’t attack.  Breathe deeply, forgive, and illuminate.  Your job is to act as a pure light source.  That demands warmth and magnanimity, not icy rage.


You’re strung up and stuck, Libra.  And the cavalry?  Well, they’ll just twist you up further.  I’m serious.  Your safety and emotional stability is what keeps you fixed, as if you’ve been loved and supported into submission.  I guess I’m saying — Your cavalry is Kathy Bates from Misery.  So if you’re going to be cut down, it will have to be by your own hand.  Go on.  Risk losing that “love” that keeps you so oppressed.  You’ve been living like a Bonsai Kitten.


Turn back, Scorpio.  “Turn back to the generation that refuses to grow up in a materialistic, greedy, cruel nation.” — Karen Finley, The family that never was.  Now is your big chance to pick up something that you lost a ways back.  Did you leave your favorite sweater on a playground?  Or something far more dear?  Like your innocence, love, and faith?  Turn back!  Refuse the work-a-day slave-labor that keeps you toiling at a loss.  Return to your wonder, warmth, and play.


Don’t let the gossip-mongers get you down this week, Sadge.  Your destiny is not to be had in mediocre heartbreak, and you’ve got the creativity and love to rise above it.  Indeed, there is someone that you know who can elevate you above petty colleagues as if by proxy.  Someone older, someone with working class ideals, someone respected, someone who works as hard as they play.  Find this person and ally.  They’ll give you the platform from which you can shine.


Oi, Vishnu!  What are you preserving?  What are you reproducing?  From where I stand, it looks like confusion, heartbreak, and pain.  You sure you want to keep that ball rolling?  You could stop it, you know.  It’s simply that you’re so stable, so upright, and so diligent that you can’t seem to exit your own cycle of hurt.  Forgive me if I don’t solute your toil, but you need to quit working and start thinking!  Your redemption/healing is to be had in Shiva.


If you find this week that you don’t play too well with others, fear not!  Those people aren’t worth playing with anyway, Aquarius.  They’re cliquish and cultish and you’re far too rational to drink their Kool-Aid.  Better a concentrated duo than a morass of groupthink.  As you’re sharp as a knife and feeling lonely as hell, look for a partner that you admire and respect.  S/he’s nearby… just follow the heat and you’ll get warmer until you’re hot.


Don’t take on anybody else’s shit, Pisces.  You need not be your brother’s keeper, particularly if that brother attempts to oppress you or take you for granted.  You are valuable.  You have worth.  You have potential.  And potential?  Well, that’s capital.  That’s a future.  Cut yourself free from the baggage and projections of others and trust your most earthy desires.  They will create beauty and play.  They will create your future.  Trust your deepest knowings and pursue them with single-minded dedication.  And if some fool sacks you with their burden, shrug.


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