Word to the Wise: Week of March 13, 2014

Each week Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs.  The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts.  Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


You’re not inclined to run.  You’re inclined to hide.  Like bomb shelter style.  Like end of days, zombie apocalypse.  OK, Aries.  Stockpile canned goods and batten your hatches, but know this — The alarm has already been sounded and the whistle has already been blown.  Whatever truth you’re hoping to shield yourself from is adrift in the wind and being repeated by a million little birdies.  As such, it might be better to face the music and answer for your past actions.  This week, there’s no city of refuge when it comes to justice.


Your life is so calm, so grounded, so stable, so peaceful.  But at what price, Taurus?  Do you kowtow to the whims of lesser people pending they have greater influence than you?  Do you worry about public opinion?  Do you restrain your power to your immediate sociality and blame distance for your inability to effect any change?  This week you look set to go off, to rent the very social fabric that has kept you so comfy and so enslaved.  No one said revolution was easy!  But have no fear — Whatever destruction you unleash shall have the most creative and liberating of effects.


You’re doubting yourself, Gemini.  You’re keeping mum.  Why?  That old adage “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” wasn’t meant for the likes of you.  At least not this week.  Although you may feel that you’re too young, too old, too inexperienced, or too whatever, that is the only fault in your reasoning.  So stand up, stand tall, stand publicly, and speak clearly.  Your two cents are priceless.  Please share them.


No mulligans and no do overs, Cancer.  This week, work with what you’ve got knowing that events are not under any one individual’s control.  A new hope might be twinkling in the distance but you shan’t be able to pursue it until you first release the past.  Yeah, the past.  You know the cadaverous baggage you lug around for no good reason?  Well, lose it.  Sentimentality will get you nowhere…. But faith undoubtedly will!


It would be a shame if your comfort and stability prevented you from making a play that you could actually proud of.  Don’t you think, Leo?  So imagine yourself a year from now.  What story do you want to be telling as pertains to your own role in the sordid and chaotic events which now seem to be unfolding?  Choose wisely, as you’re currently creating that story.  My bet is that the more anarchic and forceful you are now, the more contented you will be later.  So what do you say?  Are you ready to take a risk and join the free-for all?


Heaven help you if you try to be responsible and stick to your schedule, Virgo.  This ain’t the week!  Rather, expect sudden changes, new information, and a general sense of falling.  Will you be able to keep up the pace?  Yes.  But not if you’ve got some big idea about what will yield you fruit and what will not.  This is a time of invention for you, and most inventions (if you haven’t noticed) were the accidental byproducts of experiments and hypotheses gone wrong.  Don’t be so wed to your intent that you miss an amazing opportunity.  Stay alert.


You’ve maintained an admirable balance between your head and your heart, Libra.  You have blended and harmonized two apparently opposed substance into a unified whole.  Well done!  But also — So what?  This week, it may be time to finally choose your side.  And by side, I mean body part.  Because that balanced whole is wholly useless if it keeps you in a holding pattern.  It’s time to think fast!  So ditch your heart and go with your head.


Well, well, well… Look who’s got a martyr complex.  Are you enjoying your round as a beast of burden?  Do you like that you have so little choice?  Well, then take it back.  And by “it” I mean your life.  Your reading resembles that of a belittled being struggling under the demands of one very unhappy person.  But you know what?  You’re letting them.  And you’re doing it out of fear.  “Better the devil you know” never got anyone anywhere.  Indeed, it’s a recipe for enslavement!  This week you need to be brave.  This week you need to run away.  Better the unknown to any devil.


I hate to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, Sadge.  But as I’m hoping that you’ll emulate me in the week to come, here goes — Be predictable, dependable, disciplined, and quiet.  Focus on your work and don’t make any waves.  And fear not the boredom monster that may plague and harass you.  He lets you know that you’re on the right path!  Now, keep your head down, keep your word, and do your duty.  And if you feel like screaming, swallow it!  This week shall pass.


The hurt and trauma that you’re experiencing can just as easily be converted into pleasure and happiness, Capricorn.  But not if you insist on being the boss!  Let your inner know-it-all take a backseat and it might relent with all its endless self-criticism.  I’m serious.  It’s really that easy.  Give the steering wheel to somebody else and allow yourself the luxury of being a passenger.  As long as you don’t presume to know more than you do and welcome the input of others, genuine relief (even bliss!) can be yours  this week.


This week you walk out on all that is familiar so as to pursue some wildly outlandish hope.  I’m sorry, but “outlandish?”  Not quite.  This “hope” could be as simple as the silent thought — “My god! I can do so much better!”  But never mind, Aquarius.  A thought so blunt and brave must surely be correct.  And it is.  So now that you’re packing your proverbial bags, the only real question is the manner in which you make your exit.  Please don’t leave and please don’t fear.  Instead, make sure that you’re in pursuit!  That really is “hope.”  Wild hope and wild love.


The choice isn’t between being in the public eye and living a solitary existence.  Indeed, you’d be mistaken to think there’s a choice.  Don’t you know your own creative process yet, Pisces?  You delve into the subconscious, lose all track of time, float, fantasize, and labor almost catatonically to manifest your vision.  Any publicity is a side effect of your peculiar process.  So rather than try to get attention, trust the genius of your unseen depth and breadth.  Translation: If you build it your way they will come.  Therefore, you needn’t worry about any “them!”

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2 responses to “Word to the Wise: Week of March 13, 2014

  1. If I haven’t mentioned it in the past, you’re psychic meteorology is appreciated. Your forecasting for the Virgins surprised me with its relevance after reading and applying it retroactively.

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