Word to the Wise: Week of March 6, 2014

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs.  The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts.  Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


The opportunity for a new financial prospect won’t last long.  So if you want it, Aries, you’ll have to seize it now.  Although you may be feeling incredibly stressed and/or under the weather, now is not the time to capitulate to overwhelm.  You’ll need a clear head this week so as to be very careful and precise in what you articulate to others.  Your words carry much weight.  Keep them direct and to the point, and move fast.  This is your moment to be heard and thereby start something new.  It would be a shame if you were asleep at the switch.


Refuse to step in to the spotlight, Taurus.  Instead, lie low, watch, and wait.  Be patient.  Be still.  When the time comes for you to act, you’ll know it intuitively.  But for now it would behoove you to establish contact with your nearest and dearest so as to make sure that you’re all on the same page.  Beyond that, relax.  Let some time pass and treat yourself to a couple distractions.  Whatever situation seems to be calling you, you’re not yet ripe for it.  To that end, perhaps set a timer so that you can check in without being overblown.  Move slowly and await certainty.


How do you want to experience this week, Gemini?  Although you may be feeling the acute pain of fresh loss, you’d be mistaken to think that your life has been entirely transformed and/or trashed.  Rather, you’re being asked to focus on the most inspiring and outlandish promise on offer.  This week shouldn’t so much depress you as inspire you, but that will be entirely dependent on what you choose to focus on.  Remember — “If angels can fly, it’s because they take things lightly.”  How can you be angelic in the coming days, little twin?  Be light and you might just fly.


“Don’t speak too soon cuz the wheel’s still in spin.” — Bob Dylan.  That’s your quote for the week, Cancer.  New information might find you a bit stuck, but know this — The terrain is changing.  It’s as if a sudden downpour has turned the ground under your feet into a mudslide.  You’ve caught a branch but how long can you maintain your grip?  It hardly matters.  All you can do in the coming days is hold strong and stay receptive.  These changes are timely.


If someone’s blocking your ascension, back up.  If your path is obstructed, turn around.  Recoil.  Regroup.  Make sure that your ducks are in order and that your home life is stable.  You’ll need that stability as a touchstone as you make your journey over the course of this week.  And finally, as has already been implied, don’t assert yourself.  If a leadership position is offered to you, be vague and ride the wave.


Get ready for a cold dose of reality, Virgo.  As wrongs are righted you may feel that some rights are wronged, but if you could see this experience as an exercise in liberation…  You see, your future is a lot more cuddly than you dare imagine and you’re merely in the process of losing the excess baggage.  To that end, don’t let your rational mind keep you from appreciating all the love in your life.  By the end of the week you’ll have no less than when you started, but will know precisely what you do have.  Prepare for an apparent cutting away that is in fact a revelation.


Lose the martyrdom complex, Libra.  You are wise and benevolent, if not a bit too diplomatic at times.  Which is to say, at the moment you are holding your tongue and playing Switzerland.  But you know what is right and what is wrong, and you are receptively recording the behavior of those around you.  Might I suggest that you lose your excess guilt and lead the charge as a loving mother might?  That is to say that we need you to unlock your tongue, but please do it kindly.


Whoo, boy!  You look set to explode, Scorpio.  And as you oscillate between feeling hamstrung and feeling enraged, simply know that your rage will most probably win out.  But you’re not exactly like a bomb set to go off, you’re more like a series of explosions waiting to happen.  So this is your warning: If you find yourself coming undone, know that you may come undone again.  There’s a tempo here, that of ecstatic labor pains.


A war is afoot, Sadge.  One between smart women and dumb boys, er… at least metaphorically.  Tell me truly, which do you think will win out?  Being the freedom fighter that I know you are, I’ll assume that you and I have exchanged a knowing look and then say this — It’s not your war.  So stay on the sidelines until a real need opens up but refuse to get involved otherwise.  You may not be needed at all and things might get painful.  Better if you remain in top form for now.


Be your softest self.  Be your sweetest self.  Be your most charitable self.  But still, stay smart.  Be receptive to your opponent so that you can better study him/her/it.  Begin to mirror.  Empathize.  Emote.  For if there’s any way to decimate your enemies now, it’s by loving them.  Not be leading them, not by directing them, not by inspiring them — simply by listening and mirroring.  This week Capricorn, you need to love your enemies.


Don’t waste your time weeping over the dead and wounded.  It’s really not your problem, Aquarius.  Further, you’re in a prime position to commence with a rebuild.  But is that really what you want?  Why not start fresh?  Why not formulate an alternative structure that’s more geared towards the future?  A new lush era looks set to commence fueled almost entirely by your own enthusiasm.  Lead it!


You’re renowned for your sensitivity, Pisces.  So much so that some accuse you of not knowing where you end, and another begins.  But that specific psychic state can be rather wearing on you, too.  It’s hard to see the bleed so clearly, and to feel it!  This week, anticipate some acute psychic pain.  It’s not you, it’s your circumstance.  But rather than up and quit it, why don’t you first take a break?  Take some time off this week and hold your boundaries.  My bet?  Everyone will want a piece.  Pick out your hiding spot now.

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