Word to the Wise: Week of February 27, 2014

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs.  The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts.  Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


This is the week to forgive the past and attack the future, Aries.  Any waffling would be ill-advised.  Expect a revival of the most mystical sort wherein your past burdens are lifted and a new world dawns.   And the best part?  You need only be brave enough to end a situation that has run its course.  You know, the one you’ve been trying to juggle and jiggle and reorganize.  Just let it drop.  And let this song be your theme in the days to come.


Awww… you’re in love, Taurus!  What’s that?  You think not?  Well, prepare to stop thinking in the not-too-distant future.  Or better: Prepare to think differently.  You look set to fall down a rabbit hole as you receive some rather shocking news from an unlikely source.  The only trouble?  I suspect you’ll have to flee from some metaphorical mom of the Nurse Ratched variety.  So string together your bedsheets and get a friend to fake a seizure so you can break a window without a ruckus.  You look set for an escape and an escapade.  Be daring!


Look for stable support, understated understanding, and then move directly towards it, Gemini.  Make a beeline.  Don’t dilly-dally.  You simply must stay focused because it’s your own love on the line.  And if you think that you’re somehow confused, think again.  You know what you need to do, where you need to go, and who you need to be with.  Any doubt is a dalliance, a trick you play with your own mind like a child who intentionally skews its eyes to pull a face.  This week, your love grows up.  And with it, so do you!


Allow yourself to be swept along by the rush of the current, little crab.  You need not hold on to anyone or anything.  Indeed, you mustn’t.  You must be brave enough to shrug off all your big ideas about what you should be accomplishing and with whom you should be consorting.  Your world is about to open up in the most dazzling fashion, and what is more, you shan’t be made to feel small.  To achieve this secular miracle, merely let go and remain open.


Work smart, not hard this week, Leo.  And by that I suppose I mean: Dictate orders to your underlings and have them do your work for you.  Sounds diabolically leonine to me!  And by that I mean unethical.  But it is the advice given by the cards, and who am I to argue?  Don’t toil.  Don’t even lift your plump, little finger.  Merely take your charges, issue your edicts, and have your wish be the command of others.  Go on.  Play the big kahuna.


This looks set to be a fiery week, Virgo!  Don’t be surprised by the appearance of a new passion or a surprise bit of information that looks set to spin your world off the tracks.  It won’t.  It can’t.  Because you’re bigger than it.  You’re its master.  And you can do whatever you like with it.  Trust the cheekiest version of yourself and play to win.  Only be certain that you play your own game and let nothing be foisted upon you.  By week’s end, you’ll be leading the parade.


You’ve been comfortable long enough, Libra.  It’s time to get off your duff and take a risk, take stand, and take a gamble.  It’s time to risk speaking and thereby risk being heard.  It’s time to risk leaving and thereby risk getting lost.  Ironically, this is the only way to secure the comfort that you’re so keen to protect and stay within.  In order to uphold your stable home life you’re going to have to leave your home.  Be big, be brave, and be daring!


Don’t mistake a challenge for a defeat this week, Scorpio.  You haven’t lost a thing, at least not yet!  It’s simply that you’ve been fiddling while Rome burns.  But you could call the Fire Department.  You could fetch some water.  You could sound an alarm.  Or to put this in clearer terms — You could take responsibility for the gap between your desires and your reality.  And if you dedicate yourself completely, you could even bridge the two!


Stick to the sunny side of the street this week, Sadge.  Now’s not the time to make a plea for justice, much less enter into a conflict over it.  You’ve already done everything that you could in the past and you only ever got mangled for it.   That’s not likely to change, so this time don’t take the bait.  Stick to things that are light, clear, well understood, and pleasurable and your week will unfold in kind.


As long as you don’t call any winners, you shan’t lose this week.  Make sense, Capricorn?   Don’t worry about what others are doing or where others are at.  And most of all, don’t judge anyone or try to force an outcome!  Instead, be a bit more Zen in your approach.  Observe.  Feel.  Intuit.  Work with the material in your possession.  And stay humble.  If you can manage all that, you shall yet be elevated.


You need to to be the arbiter this week, Aquarius.  You and only you.  Don’t canvass public opinion, don’t ask your closest friends, and definitely don’t ask your family.  A trying task or situation can only be mastered through your own intellectual understanding of it and this may take a few tries.  But that does not mean that you are failing or that you need anyone’s help.  Trust yourself, trust your judgment, and be patient with yourself as you learn.


This isn’t the week to fall in love, Pisces.  This is the week for you to overcome and conquer.  But that means first knowing where you need to cut your losses and where you should step up your game.  The fight that seems the most vicious is also your oldest running struggle.  Do you really want to feed it?  Or might you bypass it peaceably and move forward at a parallel for a time?  Don’t engage where you could go around.  You’ve got somewhere else you need to be.


6 responses to “Word to the Wise: Week of February 27, 2014

  1. Very interesting about Pisces and seems resonant with some issues I will be facing this next week. Is there any other guidance from those cards about the difference between “overcome and conquer” versus “bypass peaceably” or are they one and the same?

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