AFTAP’s been Psyched Again!

Which is to say: Today’s appointment has been cancelled and The Tarot Party is still available to reliable volunteers before December 21st.

I shan’t be announcing AFTAP in the future, but I will be posting the videos on a (hopefully) weekly basis with summaries.  The format needs to change drastically, barring which I may take a hiatus or simply quit the project.  Honestly, it feels damned thankless at this juncture.

Sorry for the double post.  I hate that.  Now, I return to my bed and books…

John William Waterhouse, Magic Circle (1886)

6 responses to “AFTAP’s been Psyched Again!

  1. I would so miss the AFTAP – it is just so wonderfully, insightful, compelling, addictive viewing! ;(
    Gorgeous Waterhouse image!

    • Thank you for saying so, Pat. That means a lot to me and makes me want to continue.
      AFTAP seems like some draining, unwieldy beast at the moment. I had it, it was growing and gaining momentum, it slipped with my move, and now it just feels like a lot of thankless work that gets taken for granted. Growing pains, I hope, but it makes me grumpy…
      And related to this, people write me wanting me to teach Tarot or direct them towards others who do or recommend books. There are 32 live, spontaneous Tarot readings online and I’ve detailed half the deck. It doesn’t make sense to me that I should be asked this. I’m trying to provide Tarot resources and I’m being asked where one might find some good Tarot resources. Either I don’t understand, or I’m offended. Alienated and heart-hurt, regardless.
      So, I think I need my second week of vacation and a magic circle of my own. Alone time.
      But I am so glad to hear from you, and I hope your holidays are happy, happy, happy! :)

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