AFTAP x 2!

The Summer Session of The Anti-Film Tarot Art Project continues!  The eighth and ninth sessions will occur on:

Friday, August 23, 2013 at 3pm Pacific Time: Past/Present/Future with Jehan Zohrab

Saturday/Sunday, August 24, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time: Lonely Heart with Jessa Crispin, Editor of Bookslut and Spolia

The sessions will be broadcast live on my Google+ profile and my YouTube channel, where you can also catch up on the complete Spring Session here.   Be sure to tune in!

If you’d like to participate in the Summer Sessions, simply contact me with your spread preference and possible dates and times.  I’d love to have you!

Only two spreads remain!  They are:

What to do?

Past/Present/Future — Jehan

Demi-Cross — Stephanie

Ellipse — David

If I Do/If I Don’t

Mirror — Jesse

Lonely Heart — Jessa

Celtic Cross — Cathy

Six Month — Jim

Narratarology — Craig

80 minute Tarot Party (2+ people): James and Pin

For more information on the shifting inspirations behind the project, please read the initial Call for Participants and my later reflections I am a Storyteller…


2 responses to “AFTAP x 2!

  1. If Monika is doing one, let me know because I would enjoy watching my friend! Such a great concept. I am too camera shy myself, but it is quite fascinating. :)

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