A SubGenius Teenager, a “Rational” Tarot Reader

My Jungian analysis of yesterday has me feeling acutely vulnerable, like when I first started my business and was only too aware that I fit neither here nor there… that there was no place for me to stand.

Beyond how odd it is for a woman to be an INTJ, if you add Tarot reading to the mix I become completely inscrutable.  Or rather, that’s how I feel.  And what’s worse, I know that the feeling is stupidly narcissistic, that it doesn’t even matter.

So, in an effort to comfort myself I’ve returned to Robert Anton Wilson.  Like sucking my thumb, like smoking a cigarette — I find this man’s words immensely comforting.  Enjoy!


8 responses to “A SubGenius Teenager, a “Rational” Tarot Reader

  1. I am going to watch that video when I have more time later but now I just want to say that Intjs are cool:-) My closest female friend from Poland is one.

  2. I have seen the video and loved it. I had not heard of him before. I am also going to see your analysis in installments – THREE HOURS???? I would love to be analyzed like that.

    • Hahaha. I am lucky. But live? Imagine the recoup time being an introvert. And all that internalized processing to figure out what happened.
      I’m really happy that you enjoyed the doc on RAW. I find his work incredibly calming. :)

  3. I am halfway through… I just had an intuition about the difference between extro- and introverted intuition. Also I realized what it is that draws me to you (although you wanna vomit when you hear about the higher self, haha). Introverted intuition has a living and constant relation with the archetypes, hence all the example from the world of literature, myth, history, etc. You always use fresh examples because you are constantly in connection with that internal well. The extroverted intuition abuses metaphors (just kidding) in a sense that they have a hackneyed repertoire of, say, literary characters that they use to illustrate their point.
    I am not sure I am making any sense. But I feel that you have this connection with the source, which matters to me.

    • Wow, Monika. You are amazing! And the comment doesn’t make me want to vomit at all. ;) I’ve had only a handful of people say something similar and they’ve known me really, really well. Something to the effect of my inability to waste time because I take everything in and do stuff with it. It’s just a question of when. It means a lot to me and it does clarify.
      My aversion to the Higher Self, I suppose, should be qualified. I often hear it bandied about as a ‘fantasize (or transcend) your way out an abusive situation by realizing we’re all one and don’t ever fight because you’re only fighting you.’
      There’s this wretched video on YouTube of a Polynesian woman beating her infant (I mention her race only so the most morbid can find it if they want to ruin their month). It’s some 6 minutes, and more disturbing than the violence (if that’s possible) is the fact that the infant keeps crawling back to its abuser because it has no other option. That video is very, very true — and not as unusual as people like to pretend. I always feel a twinge to post it in response to Higher Self and/or Karma counsel with a flip note of “Transcend that.” Instead I do nothing, which from an ethical standpoint, privately, I actually consider worse. :/
      I’m drawn to you, too. You are incredibly intelligent and I really value your insights.

      • I agree about the Higher Self then. My next pet peeve is when the new age folk do not acknowledge the shadow or suffering. All is bright, light, crystal, clean. Or all the shoulds and should-nots.

      • Yes. It’s the denial of the body and its vulnerability. I actually see it as a very conservative position to the extent that no one need ever do (or risk) anything.

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