Word to the Wise: Week of June 13, 2013

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs.  The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts.  Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


You’re spoiled for choice this week, Aries.  And what is more, the variety of your options corresponds to your many innate capacities.  Congratulations!  Here’s how to wade through through this current plethora of opportunity — Invest only in those offers which are best established and most emotionally secure.  If it nourishes you, feed it.  If it calms you, likewise.  And if it makes those around you happy, invest every talent you can muster.  Both you and your environment are lavish.  Spend your energies wisely and both shall continue to thrive.


You’ve much comfort and much liberty this week, Taurus.  The catch is that the two are in conflict.  As tempted as you are to play Ferdinand and lackadaisically chew your cud, you’re moving through a period of great personal transformation.  As your internal landscape changes so, too, does the world in which you find yourself.  You’re not in Kansas anymore and this is no time to rest on your laurels.  Keep stretching your boundaries and keep following that yellow brick road.  For even as your path becomes stranger and stranger, the journey is leading you to where you need to be next.  Trust the process and keep pushing.


You’re offered a shortcut to the top this week, Gemini.  Please don’t take it.  I know how tempting it is.  I know that it might even seem righteous after all that you’ve been through.  However, the fact is that you need to prove your salt — not so much to others, but to and for yourself!  You’ve always suspected that you were capable of much more, but you’ve never been sure.  Going the long way will bear out your suspicion for now and forever, for you, and for the better.  This is the type of long-term self-esteem boost that you don’t achieve by way of a shortcut.  So go the long route, grow in your own time, and trust that you’ll be more stable and strong in the future… because you will be.


As your previous plans have toppled to the ground, you’re confronted with a choice — Do you fiddle while Rome burns or call the volunteer fire department whilst thinking about how you’ll manage a rebuild?  I hope you’re the musical type, Cancer, because it’s high time you got raucously bacchanalian.  Play libertine tyrant and drop the good citizen mantle.  You’ve been good.  Plenty good.  So be bad.  Celebrate destruction with transcendent faith in transience and plenitude!  Be good bad, but not evil, and do it with emotional fullness.  Some losses are better than a win!


As you enter the fray this week, please don’t feel that you have anything to defend.  Nor, for that matter, should you stake your claim on any existing turf.  That’s not really your game and if you survey the field, you’ll quickly realize that you’re not interested in the turf available.  No.  You’re here to create a whole new game and thereby create new lands.  That’s a bit harder.  Luckily for you, you’ll have access to great stores of energy this week, Leo, making your current mission very much possible.  Ignore the nay-sayers, be careful not to fall into anyone else’s rut, and your highest visions will begin to manifest within a fortnight.


Are you strapped in, Virgo?  I sure hope so, because we can’t have you storming out of the party when things start to get a little too chaotic for your delicate sensibilities.  And that’s what you’ll want to do — Mutter “f*ck this” and strike out on your lonesome leaving the uncivilized to tend their own messes.  I get it.  And you’re right; you probably are too good for the circus in which you currently find yourself enmeshed.  However, jumping ship because a few people are ill-mannered is pretty… er…well… ill-mannered.  Clean up where you’re at, pare down, and you’ll discover the ruckus is arising from one specific source.  What is more, you can eliminate it.  Here’s your sound byte for the week — Enjoy!


As a kid reading The Odyssey, I could never understand why Odysseus didn’t ditch his journey and join the Lotus-Eaters.  OK, maybe that’s not the wisest metaphor but it does say something about your current head space.  Let me explain — You’re on a journey and you feel like you should have arrived already.  You feel at once overwhelmed and weighed down.  How will you ever reach your destination when the world around you looks so ridiculously foreign?!  Focus.  Dream.  Visualize. And don’t give too much credence to your waking life because it’s not relevant right now.  You’re caught in the midst of a passage and the other side doesn’t look like this side.  Promise.  So let your aspirations take the edge off and let your dreams be your drug.


You’re looking to pull a fast one, Scorpio.  Please don’t.  You’re too muddle-headed to swing it.  Indeed, you’re so muddle-headed that you think some sort of switcheroo is a good idea!  It’s not.  Here’s a  famous paraphrase from the Gospel of St Matthew: “See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. […] Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 6:28-34.  You’re waiting for a miracle, an illumination of sorts.  When it comes, you’re situation will seem far less dire.  So make like vegetation and wait.  To further aid you in with such labor, you get a song, too.  Enjoy!  (And sit still.)


I smell drama, Sadge.  Do you?  My guess is that you don’t… yet.  But you will.  Here’s what’s up — You’re working very hard this week to take stock of your resources and plan your investments accordingly.  Good for you!  Unfortunately, you’re being hindered by an authority figure who needs to mind their own business.  That’s trauma.  So the drama’s up to you.   Somewhere in your environs is another authority figure who is far more grounded and knowledgeable.  They’ve been staying out of it.  Don’t let them.  Call on them ASAP and they’ll clear your path of the person who is presently obstructing you.  By the time the drama begins it will be over — and you’ll be rid of the trauma, too!


O, Capricorn!  O, Master and Mistress of Repression and Depression!  Are you enjoying your cold, little throne?  No?!  What a shocker…  Look — You’re feeling alone and victimized this week, and while you might be thinking that a change of scene could do you some good, the fault lies not with your environs but with the way in which you interact with them.  Waiting will do you no good, but nor will a journey because you’re lost in your own home.  So stay where you are, invite your most beloved over, throw a party, imbibe, and see if that doesn’t shake you out of your paralysis.  I’m serious.  You need to love.  Here’s some James Taylor to help you out with that endeavor.  Good luck!


You’re in charge, Aquarius.  So, any chaos that you encounter this week will be yours to preside over.  While this will undoubtedly be a high energy time for you, you’ll need that energy to give yourself and your co-creators a clear direction in which to move.  You.  Because the others can’t.   The more innovative and original that you can be with this direction, the better it will work out for you and your underlings.  So be daring and be responsible.  If any sign possesses the genius for this sort of feat, it’s you!


You’re disappointed, Pisces.  Indeed, you’re right to feel a vague disgust when you consider all the idealizations that have so recently been warped by the harshest of realizations.  OK.  Here’s what you do — You mourn and let pass a conflict that you now know you can never, ever win.   Then, you move towards your second most ridiculous obsession or passion.  ‘Second most?!‘  Well, since the dumb conflict might be numero uno, and that’s a dead-end, second most will have to do.  Don’t worry so much about getting burned again.  Instead, be certain that you’re moving towards something in lieu of running away from what so upsets you.  It’s not that you’re wrong to want to bail, but rather that your journey will be best served by moving towards something that truly inspires you.


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