Word to the Wise: Week of May 23, 2013

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs.  The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts.  Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!

**Also, please excuse the spottiness of my posts this last month.  It’s not a new normal, but rather a period of transition.  I have a mean, little sinus infection, a fever, and my life has seen unexpected growth.  Or, to put this astrologically, I’ve got a wicked overactive 12th that’s gearing up for a move into the 1st.  I’m feeling it!  I’m always sleepy and my dreams are wildly intense.**


As lucky as you’re feeling, this is no time to rest on your laurels.  This is just the beginning for you, Aries.  Your new life is like a little sprout in need of nurture and you are firmly in an apprenticeship phase.  I know.  You’re stoked on how pretty and haughty that cute, little sprout is — but it’s delicate!  Or, to put this bluntly: You risk being lulled into a false sense of security, but you are in no way secure.  If you intend to be secure in the future, you’re going to have to work like the dickens to consolidate and grow.  Put your fire to good use and get cracking!


You’re hoping to shore up recent gains so as to manifest your dreams on the physical plane.  That’s nice, Taurus.  But you’re not yet ready.  I know, you’re itching to display your independence in all its glory and strike out into the unknown, but you’re not yet free of the past.  You’re not done mourning.  If you don’t give yourself the needed time to process recent events, the base you build now will not be stable enough to support you through your desired explorations.  You don’t want to pretend to be independent.  You want to actually be independent.  Acknowledge the ties that bind and give yourself a bit more time to fully extricate yourself.  You deserve your autonomy, so do this work now.  The future you will thank you.


You’re eager to leave the past behind, and I don’t blame you.  But it won’t do, Gemini.  The past is still tinging the present.  You’re still living in it!  And although you have packed your things and said your adieus, you can’t seem to find the door out!  Ugh, this is so frustrating.  Have you considered going semi-psycho and setting the past ablaze?  Killing it until it is good and dead?  THIS IS A METAPHOR!  But it’s one that you should take seriously.  Metaphorically.  I’d recommend a ritual around saying goodbye, a way to destroy what you can no longer carry.  Write it all down, give it an image and a form, and then burn it.  It’s time to move on.


You’ve got the same base card as last week, which means that you’re contending with much the same circumstance.  Dream big, Cancer!  The past is your greatest stumbling block and you must ensure that you don’t project it onto your future.  Your present is so young and fresh that it’s malleable, like a bonsai tree.  Don’t recreate the past because it’s the only form you know.  Rather, consider all the forms you’ve heard of but in which you could never quite believe because, as they say — Seeing in believing.  Aim for some unique pastiche of those.  Cuz let’s get real — For all your decades on this planet, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


You are capable of so much more than you know, Leo.  Granted, you might have an inkling, but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of your personal wealth.  You can do more!  Does that mean that you should?  Not quite.  While you’re inclined to hear my happy pronouncement and roll up your sleeves to work even harder, I suspect that you exceed your current circumstance.  That’s to say — You’d do better to quit it entirely in search of larger pastures.  You see, whatever it that you’re hoping to build will surpass the little plot on which you currently toil.  You need more space.  Now go find out.


You’re lost, Virgo.  And rather than move onward and upward you’re frozen in space like an abandoned kid in a supermarket.  I see you down the fluorescent aisle, chubby feet glued fast to the linoleum as you clutch your binky and bawl all red-faced.  What can I say?  Your parents don’t deserve you.  Your parents don’t give a damn.  Your parents are negligent.  So go ahead and bawl.  It might be your best bet, as you can’t navigate this flickery nightmare of a capitalist maze all by your lonesome.  Your song for the week is here.  You need out of this glow-show and away from all authority figures.  So, accept no substitutes nor, for that matter, the originals.  Go for some alternative, organic farming commune, instead.


Now that you’ve turned your attention to all the good feelings of the present, you’re inclined to throw your own all-night bacchanalia.  I get it, Libra.  And you’re bang up in your role as host/ess.  However, drunken distraction and wanton enjoyment isn’t really par for your course at the moment.  Rather, since you now know that you’re safe, turn your attention inward.  What gifts have you failed to cultivate within yourself?  What inchoate talents have you neglected?  What would you like to one day grow into?  Decide that now and work towards it, and you’ll find that you not only live up to your own expectations, but exceed them.  You’re bigger that you know.  Be still and look deep.


This week, stay away from hard drugs, hard work, and hard father-figures.  You need the freedom to be tender and delicate, to be crush-able, Scorpio.  So steer clear of anything that might do you harm.  Spend your free time in full blown nostalgia, listening to the music of yesteryears, playing the games of yesteryears, and reading old journals if you’ve got them.  Daydream.  There’s something from your past that you need to remember, some kernel of creative innocence that you need to reclaim.  Create the space for it, set up an appropriate environment, and it will find you.


Ok.  It’s Riot Grrrl Thursday for Sagittarians.  Here’s your song.  Pay close attention to the line: “You victimize, victimize, victimize, and victimize.”  Need to hear it again or is that enough repetition for you?  You’re beating yourself up and engaging in terrible acts of self-cruelty.  The thing is — You aren’t the guilty party, Sadge!!  Someone else is, and instead of going for their jugular, you’re internalizing the abuse as if it were your due.  Ewwww… gross.  Stop it, stop it, stop it!  Don’t get sad, get mad.  Identify your real enemy.  And then, act accordingly.  (Hell, you may want to download that whole Heavens to Betsy album and play it on repeat this week.  You need it.)


You’ve finally got some clarity, but you’re feeling too exhausted and disgusted to act in accordance with what you can now see.  My advice, Capricorn — Suck it  up!  Doing so will hold you in good stead for the months and years to come.  Your song for the week is Amazing Grace.  I love this version.  You’ve got a lot of work to do to right what has been wrong for so long, but you also have the notorious stamina to swing it.  Don’t let aversion to the past prevent you from confronting it and correcting it for the future.  It will take a ton of work.  Sometimes you’ll feel that you’re in over your head.  But you’re not.  If anyone is capable of such superhuman turnabouts, it’s you!


Whoa!  You’ve got a lot of heavy energy around you this week, Aquarius.  And by energy, I mean people.  Did you ignore my advice last week and try to move forward in a what turned out to be a cul-de-sac?  Yes.  Yes, you did.  You’re inclined to hang back now, to ponder your circumstance when, really, it’s high time that you made some executive decisions of your own.  You don’t need to ruminate.  You don’t need to await all the facts.  You’ve got all the facts!  You need to be critical and judge what’s staring you right in the face.  There’s nothing for you to build on.  See that and cut the cord already!


Are you familiar with Kafka’s “Before the Door” parable, Pisces?  I sincerely hope so because you’re currently living it.  That authority figure is gonna keep you waiting until your knuckles are bloody from the knocking.  No one’s going to show up to help, as this is “your door.”  Patience is not a virtue in this instance!  It’s your greatest liability.  Well, that and your faith in the authority figure.  S/he’s only got authority because you’re giving it to him/her.  So, am I advocating that you kill the gatekeeper and walk on through?  Uhmmm…. not this time.  I think you should quit waiting and quit the gate.  My bet is that there’s nothing worth having on the other side.  But before you leave, do me a favor and tell the gatekeeper to shove it.

ForecastLast Week’s Word to the Wise, May 16, 2013


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