Word to the Wise: Week of April 25, 2013

**REMINDER: There will be a live Demi-Cross reading today (April 24) at 8pm Pacific Time.  You can watch it here and here.  You can also watch it later ;)

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs.  The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts.  Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


This is what psychologists call “a moment of clarity,” Aries.  It’s time to take a step back and look at the potential ramifications of your behavior, as they may be right around the bend.  You’ve been exploring  — new possibilities, new concepts, new lands, as it were.  But you haven’t been too careful with where you may be headed.  The hard fact is that if you keep cruising, it may be for a bruising.  Your ethics are all that you have, and if you’re clear on your code and hold true to that, you’ll arrive safely on the other end of this journey.  If you stray too far from your ethics, however, you may find yourself alone and without the needed support in your not-too-distant future.  Stick to your ethics and all will be well.


You’re safe, Taurus, and you need to be more confident in that.  You have all the resources that you need and are free to do as you please.  So don’t waste your autonomy supporting those who don’t deserve it and tolerating behavior that should have been nixed yesterday.  You are not beholden to any authority figure no matter how “benign.”  It’s time to stand up for yourself and explore the far reaches of your identity.  Go it alone and have more faith in your own capacities, knowledge, and creativity.   This is a time of growth for you.  You are discovering your strengths and ingenuity.  Be proud of your independence and embrace it.  The moment is now, and it’s yours to seize!


You need more balance in your life, Gemini.  You also need to sidestep the black and white in favor of yellow.  I’m talking metaphorically, of course, but your life has been far too all-or-nothing lately.  There are potential issues of addiction, subordination, and negative thoughts that are keeping you enslaved, wed to competition and bickering, be it with others or simply in your own head.  You deserve more peace in your life, but that will only arrive when you forgo extreme positions, reactions, and impulses.  Be more cerebral, more philosophical, and unlock the potential within yourself.  Your situation will change radically as a result — like Dorothy arriving in a Technicolor Oz after the tedium of Kansas.  Seriously, screw black and white.


It’s been quite a journey, Cancer, and you are most definitely not in Kansas anymore.  That’s a good thing.  However, you still need to guard your territory and know what’s yours.  My guess is that someone has lately been invading your space, making demands, and otherwise encroaching upon you and yours, or stealing your sense of well-being.  Don’t let them.  You need to stand up for yourself, your rights, and your sovereignty.  This is your journey, towards yourself, and is not meant to  be hijacked by another.  Defend your turf, even if it’s newly acquired, and don’t let anyone “jump your train.”  Here’s your song for the week — sing it raucously to anyone who dares mess with you.


You’ve arrived at a full stop, Leo, and that’s why you’re feeling a bit weak, weary, and perhaps even downright ill.  Take your time.  Relax, recoup, and wait for your energy to quicken naturally.  It will, so don’t push it.  You’re going through a rebirth of sorts and something has reached its fruition and needs to be set aside.  This may be cause for mourning, but don’t take on more than you must.  Your song for the week is “Don’t Carry It All.”  By the end of the week, you’ll be feeling tip-top, along with renewed energy, a fresh creative vision, and sufficient power to make it a reality.  Trust that and permit the ebb in energy.  It’s only natural.


As I mentioned in last week’s forecast, the old ways will no longer do and your loyalty to the tried and true may be your greatest liability at the moment.  Yes, we all know that you’re dutiful, Virgo, so you’ve got nothing to prove on that count.  This week, you’re the belle of the ball and there are a great many fresh faces in your vicinity who are only too eager to show you their own way of doing things.  Let them.  It’s high time you were shown another way and these new relations, while young and delicate, are promising, indeed.  Fill your dance card, state your truth, and you’ll be heartened by the truths that are reflected back to you.  This is a blessed and benevolent moment, full of creative and intellectual possibilities.  Embrace it!


Don’t let yourself drift, Libra.  I’m serious.  You’ve arrived at a sweet spot and it’s time for you to drop your anchor and enjoy it.  Your friends are kind, clear, and honest.  Your life is warm, supportive, and encouraging.  You are sweetly moved.  Allow yourself to love.  As long as your love is for specific, unique people and not ideals and concepts bought and sold by Hallmark, no harm will come and you stand to experience one of the most well-balanced and hopeful weeks in a good long while.  Congratulations!  Balance has been achieved!  Now keep your wits and stay in the moment.


You’re stable, but there’s an apparent lull.  You’re inclined to play, Scorpio, to celebrate the coming together of so many disparate aspects of your life into one holistic model.  While congratulations are most definitely in order, this isn’t a time to let go.  The iron is hot and you need to strike.  It’s work time, not play time.  I know that it doesn’t feel that way, but something tells me that if you were to start creating upon this new ground, the fruits would ripen quickly and hold you in good stead well into the future.  This is no time to rest on your laurels, but rather a time for earning more and more laurels.  You’re so blessed at the moment you’d be foolish not to capitalize.  Now, please, get to work!


Don’t get all ooey and gooey on me now, Sadge.  You have a reasoned choice to be made and you’re inclined to be wistful.  Worse, this choice may be manifest as two distinct people — one sweet and kind and young, the other creative, revolutionary and mature.  Well, do you want to be smart or sweet?  And if you’re thinking that it’s all the same, let me tell you that you couldn’t be more mistaken.  As I fear that you may err, here’s the cheat sheet: You are mature, wise, inspirational, and daring and your relationships need to reflect this.  If you opt for innocent naïveté, it will prove a dead end that does a disservice to your intellect and courage.  Don’t be a dummy.  There’s a clear, right choice here.  Please choose it.


You’re on the verge of a commitment, Capricorn, and that’s a good thing.  So let me help you with your direction — You need wits about now, not glitz!  The flashy will prove to be a flash in the pan, whereas the reasoned and measured will prove to be reasonable and see you in good stead.  Similarly, only justice will prove justifiable.  You’re generally all about sustainability, so please, invest in the slow burn.  For while it may, at first glance, seem the colder route, it will keep you warmer longer.  Beyond that, congratulations on your new plateau!  It’s been a hard row to hoe but you’re over the hump.  Now please, keep your wits and forgo the glitz.


You may be reeling from a recent, unexpected defeat, Aquarius.  What’s really got you was how sudden it was — Like a bolt of blue!  You need to move in a new, more inspired direction, and this recent letdown is your divine opportunity to do just that.  You don’t need speed so much as creativity and courage.  Think you can hack it?  I know you can.  Just keep on your toes, avoid confrontations, and go it alone.  Your way is the way and you need not inform any authority figures or opponents.  Simply move in the direction that you know is right for you.  Here’s some Frank Sinatra to help you along with that.


Don’t let sadness over a love lost distract you from the present, Pisces.  I know how sensitive you can be, but you’re on the verge of throwing good emotion after bad.  It’s a trap, I say!  Don’t fall for it!  You’ve got all the fecund zest and bravery to sidestep those who would enslave you, including past ghosts that rattle their chains and howl most menacingly in your head.  Do not be sad.  Do not flirt with depression.  She’s a lousy lover as you well know.  And finally, do not doubt yourself.  Instead, take control of your future and trust that you have all the strength and youthful ingenuity that you’re likely to need during this new and adventurous chapter in your life.  Go forward, with eyes wide open and heart courageously full.



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