Anti-Film Tarot Art Project: Call for Participants

Well, I’ve just discovered that The Tarot Nook has a default YouTube channel.  I suppose I should have known, but being a newbie to all this Social Media, I hadn’t a clue.  Let me premise this by saying that my leanings are decidedly private and I don’t believe someone’s your friend until you’ve both cried in front of one another and you can identify their presence by scent.  Privacy is premiere in my worldview.

But this YouTube/G+ feature, I must confess, is haunting me!  It’s toying with my most experimental side.

When I was just starting the business in January, a friend of mine had insisted that I give him a 50 minute Tarot reading and post it on YouTube.  I had responded that this was exhibitionistic and insane.  He had said: “No it’s not.  It’s smart!”  So why has that not yet come to pass?  Because this person has a tendency towards workoholism and flakiness.  ;) That’s right, you read me.

But I thought of him today when I discovered the account was already there.  So I researched Google+ features and discovered that you could record with it if you were willing to go live.  Woo!  That’s a scary proposition!  Then I thought of Ondi Timoner’s brilliant film We Live in Public; there’s such a scary fascism to all this.  Then I thought of Andy Warhol’s anti-films, in particular Sleepas many Tarot readings might be exceedingly boring to watch if you don’t know the people involved.  Then I thought — I don’t care.  I’m curious to see the POV between Tarot reader and client using this technology and I’m just too intrigued.

If the bold, brave, and curious want to give this technology a whirl with me, your Tarot reading is on the house.  I figure the guidelines are as follows:

1.  The client waives all rights to the video.  There are no guarantees here and I have no idea if I’ll leave it up, repeat the experiment in 6 months so as to build some weird, psychological Tarot archive, or scrap the project entirely out of fear and/or boredom.

2.  The client must give their first name and be willing to appear on screen with face unobscured.

3.  Ideally, one video will be made for each Tarot spread covering the 10 minute option up to the 80 minute Tarot Party for 10 videos total.

4.  It’s first come, first serve.  Once a Tarot reading has been chosen, it is no longer available.

5.  The lateness and cancellation rules found in the “Terms and Conditions of Use” under “Legal” most definitely apply.  This is not an invitation to be entitled and self-absorbed… but it is most definitely some type of experiment. ;)  To this end, only volunteers who are fundamentally kind and patient.

6.  I’m having a glass of wine with every one of these.  I’d be too consciously conflicted otherwise.

If you’re interested, email me at with ideal date, time, spread, and why you’re interested (nothing much, but something honest as this is a rather odd proposition.)

Have a fun weekend!


Warhol Screen Tests

4 responses to “Anti-Film Tarot Art Project: Call for Participants

  1. This sounds like a great idea! Give a heads up when you finally find a brave participant. It would be fun to play the detached but integral role of sideline voyeur, giving this public presentation a deserved audience.

    • No such luck, yet. It really will take the devoutly experimental. But good lord, to find 10 completely different? I think it would just be too cool…

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