Interlude: Have you missed a trick?

In the past 3 weeks or so, I’ve noticed a general speedy tendency in myself, my friends, my community, and my clients: a rushing, rushing, rushing, and an almost abject hunger for attention, to be heard, to be “right,” at the expense of genuine receptivity and reciprocity.  It seems to me to be getting worse.

To combat this tendency, I’m not publishing any more information this week.  My sense is that there’s too much information and many are already on overload and need to slow it down.  It might be better to review what we do know and have experienced, and make absolutely certain that in our haste to embrace the springtime, we’re not trampling any flowers.

Normal articles will resume next Friday, with part 3 of “Mysticism, Evolution, and Politics.”

In the interim — please press play, minimize your window, close your eyes in quiet, and listen…

Have a mindful week.

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