Google Reader Death Fever: Solutions!

Well, the announcement of, and public outcry over, Google’s decision to nix their Reader has necessitated a whole new category for this blog — Non-Tarot Bad News!  If this affects you, and you have not done so already, take a deep breath and sign the petition requesting Google to reconsider their decision.  It’s here:

Next, decide on your preferred solution to the tizzy.  There are several and the following are just a few:

1.  Bloglovin’ — A popular alternative with a clean, user-friendly interface.

2.  Google+ — My sense is that this is where Google wants you to go, and if you have a gmail account then you’re already signed up.  You add your favorite bloggers to your following circle (as people) and all posts will appear in your feed, pending the blogger uses Google+.  If some of your favorite bloggers do not use this Google feature, they probably should start now for their own health and viability.  It helps with SEO, has features like “authorship,” and is the most obvious substitute for the Reader.  Technically, you’d be doing a blogger a favor by suggesting they get on board now, although people are so furious about the death of Google Reader that they don’t want to play into Google’s hands — which I completely understand.

3.  WordPress Reader — You don’t need an active blog to use this, just an account.

4.  Sign up for your favorite blogs via email.  Already feel overrun with emails?  Ya!  I understand.  Indeed, it’s my least favorite method of communication.  You can quickly set up an email address for your blogroll exclusively so as to keep things a bit more kosher… ;)

Although people are bummed, this really is just that — a bummer, with a LOT of internet froth on top.  I mean, what if something real were to happen?

Readers who have other solutions — share them!  I see no reason for this to be such a big deal, particularly for those hip to Tarot practice.

Take care,




4 responses to “Google Reader Death Fever: Solutions!

  1. I miss you and look forward to the time that I can communicate with you normally again, without the influence of this pesky Mercury in retrograde.

    • No worries, Kitty Cat. This is a bumpy ride for everyone — that New Moon spun my head around what with me being such a lunatic! ;) I love you very much and we’ll talk when it calms a bit… I’m betting by next week.

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