Word to the Wise: Week of March 7, 2013

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs.  The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts.  Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


Whether you know it or not, this is an important week for you, Aries.  You’re going to have to cool it on your hard partying ways and try to attain some internal balance and calm… without the intoxicants!  This will be a challenge.  Your mind is moving in circles and you can sense the transformations that are taking place deep within, but you can’t describe them nor comprehend where they will lead.  Practice deep breathing techniques, journal your jumbled thoughts, and take long walks alone.  You’re only antsy and anxious because something new is being born within you.  Keep your own counsel, stay sober, don’t rush it, and all will yet reveal itself in time.  Trust!


Oops-a-daisy, Taurus.  Looks like you’ve gone and not done it, and now that financial opportunity ship has sailed on without you.  How do you feel?  Proud of your loyalty or just a wee bit resentful towards a loved one?  Ya!  I thought so… Let this be a lesson that hiding your light under a bush, or opting out of an important decision, to make someone else feel better never — and I mean never — works to anyone’s advantage.  So what do you do now?  Breathe deeply, bite your tongue, and bide your time til the next ship comes in.  You were the “decider” (see the last 2 forecasts) and you would be woefully remiss to hold anyone accountable but yourself.  On the upside, lesson learned, right?  Come next ship you’ll know that to care for yourself is the only way that you can care for another.


You’re still in mourning, Gemini.  Indeed, you may have crossed over into depression and heartbreak.  O.K., while this wasn’t quite the type of unhinging I had hoped for you, it will have to do.  You lost something precious and ache for the absented.  But you need to clear the cobwebs from your mind and come to grips with the here and now.  Be honest with yourself — You’re grossly romanticizing the past!  A fresh intellectual start awaits you, perhaps even a project of some sort, but in order to seize it you must be painfully honest and impeccably just in your assessment of what was. Longing is clouding your judgment and keeping you wallowing in dirty underclothes.  You’re a mutable Air sign, fer chrissake!  This isn’t you!  Get up, get sharp, get clear, get rational, get ruthless, and get mercurial!  You have the mental acuity to swing this.  Please use it!


You’re feeling betrayed, lonely, and mistrustful.  Your game plan?  Keep your head down, avoid eye contact, and trust no one!  After all, you’ve got your own creative projects to sustain you and your own self-growth to tend to.  Right?  Right, Cancer?  Errr… WRONG!  You’re not being honest with yourself about your own very real needs and desires.  You secretly long for companionship and recognition.   But you’re also sick of hearing the endless, empty yakity-yak of false friends and shallow admirers.  Go ahead and feel your disappointment, but also allow for the possibility of a surprise.  In fact, do one better and make a bonafide secret wish for the love you really do deserve.  Write a love letter to your perfect community and either scatter it to the wind, burn it, or send it in a bottle.  The universe is listening!  Your mission this week is to ask for what you need.  Let the following song inspire you, even if only in private — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDXT7wC9jrc.


You’re on the verge of fresh creative territory, Leo, but something is holding you back.  I see you — batting your eye, clasping your heart, and asking in a wispy, waspy voice: “But whatever could you possibly mean?!”  You’re engaged in a battle that has festered something wicked.  Wanna know why?  Because you haven’t been forthright and honest.  Admit it, you’ve been playing one side against the other until the venom spits and squirts in every direction.  If you don’t come clean with the truth pronto, you’ll be the next victim of this mess.  Don’t doubt!  That fresh start is all yours.  But in order to get it, you need to be brave and forthright about your complicity in past hijinks.


I gotta hand it to you, Virgo.  You really can be one of the most diligently fecund signs in the zodiac.  So what’s the problem?  Your delicate nerves, that’s what!  You’re flirting with burn-out and stuck in a productivity loop.  Don’t get me wrong — you mustn’t stop now.  But your situation does seem woefully reminiscent of the legend of Chiron.  It’s like watching a sleepy mattress salesman slam energy drinks on a 16 hour shift!  So what’s the solution?  Have faith.  You will receive help very, very soon, but it will be in the most unexpected way from the most unexpected source.  Until then, chin up, keep trucking, and trust!


Well, well, well, Libra.  The merry-go-round of many faces continues!  Expect to have many brief, fast exchanges and be prepared to issue your own unexpected message to someone with whom you’ve been out of touch.  In all of these communiqués, make certain that you are absolutely honest, sincere, and forthcoming, as you may be tempted to woo and flatter instead.  Do not!  Stand your ground, uphold your truth, cut no corners, and omit no facts.  Don’t sugarcoat, don’t exaggerate, and don’t hold back.  If you can swing that, you’ll be victorious by the end of the week.  But I’m warning you, temptations abound and you will find brutal honesty to be exceedingly difficult.  With that said, it’s your only viable shot at success this week.  Speak the strictest truth!


Did you get greedy, Scorpio?  Perhaps even a little bit crafty and a little bit sloppy?  Look, you made a mistake and put your mitts where they most definitely did not belong.  You tried to nab what wasn’t yours.  You know better, so you can’t continue as if all is well.  You need to ask for forgiveness.  What is even more humbling, it will be granted you.  Yup!  Isn’t that just the worst?  Admit your fault and you’ll be off on fresh footing with the person/people in question.  Even better, the relationship and mutual project will be more fertile than ever!  All you need do to achieve this glorious renaissance is be honest and say sorry.  It’s almost like having your own personal Jesus…


Bloated, overfed, hungover, overstimulated, and oversaturated.  You’re like Jimmy Jet and his TV Set!  The past couple weeks have been a bit excessive, have they not, Sadge?  Meanwhile, real world work is piling up and when you so much as think of it, you’re reaching for the bourbon.  Ouf!  You’re stuck in bedsick land, wee one.  What to do?  Call your friends and ask for an intervention.. or help… errr, you know what I mean.  They will come running (Oh my god, am I on the verge of citing James Taylor?  Oh, you know it!)  Seriously, all you need to do is ask for help and you will receive it in bucketfuls.  Help with cleaning, help with organizing, and help with that super scary pile of work that’s leading you deeper into vice.  Exhale… You’re fine!  Just pick up the phone and ask.


What can I do, Capricorn?  I’m just going to come right out and say it, O.K.?  The root of your energetic, creative, and libidinal lethargy is mommy issues.  Could it be any more cliché?  Nope!  And we’re talking full blown vagina dentata, here.  Now that the bandage has been ripped off, we can address the finer details.  “Mama” might be manifesting in another person who is sapping you for all your worth.  Or it could be the real deal.  Either way, you need to cut the cord and really “heal the child within.”  Lie still, relax, and remember what it was like for you as a child.  See where you’re repeating patterns and relationships.  Fantasize alternatives.  Put them into practice.  And start loving yourself as you deserved when you were young.  That’s right, be child and parent in one and nurture yourself.  That’s what adults do.  No joke!  Although Derek Scott deals in more limit cases in this video (and I don’t know him personally), I think he talks some fine sense with the IFS method.  Give the videos (there are 2 to this one, 10 total) a whirl.  It can’t hurt you, and it might even heal you!


You’re suiting up for battle, Aquarius, and will need to hold your own against a creative authority figure or well-established colleague.  Go ahead and go toe-to-toe, but be forewarned that this struggle will take every last ounce of moxie to win.  You simply must go all in.  What will help you in your campaign?  Since you’re the relative upstart, use your fresh perspectives to your own advantage.  Be charming, daring, and dashing, and know that your sentimental conviction is what really sets you apart from this person.  Also, enlist any allies or fans.  You can win this, pending you don’t allow feelings of defeat to overtake you halfway through.  Stick it out until the bitter end and you will indeed emerge the victor!


Woo, look at you!  You’re a creative force to be reckoned with, Pisces!  The only trouble, someone is most definitely reckoning… they’re reckoning they can steal your ideas, time, and reputation while you bask in your own fertile glory and lollygag in the acclaim of others.  Don’t let them!  Indeed, press charges if necessary.  You still need to be in contact with that cruel, sorta psychopathic side that I mentioned last week.  But I’m betting that this week, you can find it in an ally who can act as witness, judge, and jury so you can go on being charismatic and visionary.  Who do you know who has a bit more power than you and a knack for justice.  Get in contact with them and get what’s yours.  This is your moment to shine!  Don’t you dare let anybody take it from you.


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